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How To Choose The Right Workout Attire

Workout gear should work as hard as you do. Yes, it should look good. After all, it’s another motivator to get you exercising. But more than that it should physically (not just psychologically!) feel good on. If your workout gear is making your workouts uncomfortable, you are much more likely to quit, or feel self-conscious or restricted in what you are able to do during your workout. Indeed, the perfect workout clothing is the kind you forget about once you start exercising. So here’s a run-through of what you should look for when buying workout clothes. Activity appropriate While you could wear the same clothes for every type of workout you do, some forms of exercise are more enjoyable, and you’ll...

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Caring For Your Workout Attire

You work hard to stay in shape so it's important that your workout clothes do the same. A lot of activewear today is made of technical fabrics that wick moisture away from the body so you can stay cool up to the last rep. These diligent yet delicate materials require special care to get them clean and ensure they last for many more workouts. Air Out Your Gym Clothes Here's how to care for your gymwear so that it's ready for your next workout session. After your workout, air dry your gym clothes by hanging them outside. Never let your sweaty tank top stay crumpled in the depths of your gym bag. Not only is this one smelly mistake, but...

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